The top 10 classic jewelry pieces every woman should have

Building a jewelry collection is fun, but it can also be challenging to know which pieces make the best choices in terms of their wearability factor and timeless appeal. Look no further than our handy guide to the 10 classic jewelry items that bring versatility and an eternal wow factor to your wardrobe.

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in trends and find yourself with plenty of things to wear but no idea how to style them. The savvy stylish woman knows, however, that true value and the ultimate sophistication lie not only in a ‘capsule’ wardrobe of clothes but also in a curated selection of timeless jewelry pieces that work for every single occasion in her diary. These are the jewelry items that stand the test of time, making great investment pieces throughout the years that will never let you down.

Read on for the 10 ultimate classic items of jewelry that are your essential go-to pieces for timeless style.

  1. An iconic bracelet

An iconic bracelet is your go-to piece to add instant glamour to a daytime outfit as well as a beautiful accent to your eveningwear. To classify as iconic, a bracelet must be instantly recognizable by its design, which by nature means it will draw admiring and envious glances from all of your style-savvy friends. This Versace Greca 18K white gold and diamond bracelet is an excellent example, featuring the iconic Versace Greca motif, the symbol of an illustrious heritage and made in Italy luxury.

  1. A classic pearl ring

A classic pearl ring

With their air of pure sophistication, pearls have been loved and adored for centuries. A classic pearl ring brings this sophistication to your fingertips. Why not combine pearls and diamonds for the ultimate in luxury allure? This Mouawad Classic Pearl ring, crafted from 18k white gold, is set with 0.37 carat of diamonds and a magnificent 20.00 carat pearl, making a striking choice.

  1. Delicate diamond studs

 Delicate diamond studs

Discreet yet impactful, simple yet elegant, diamond studs are an absolute must-have in every stylish woman’s wardrobe. Pair your diamond studs with any outfit to instantly elevate it into the realm of impeccable. These Rosette 18K white gold and diamond stud earrings would add some edgy glamour to jeans and a T-shirt or bring some A-list sparkle to your evening wear.

  1. A stylish watch

A stylish watch

Although your smartphone might tell you the time, it will never outdo a watch in terms of its ability to add instant glamour to your look. A stylish watch speaks volumes about who you are and makes an instant impression on others. Invest in a quality watch brand, such as Audemars Piguet, for maximum effect, and for some extra kudos consider a diamond-set watch.

  1. Simple, stylish bracelets

Simple, stylish bracelets

Simple yet stylish bracelets are a brilliant way to add a touch of flair to a casual outfit and to express your unique style. This Mouawad Love M bracelet, for example, is crafted from 18k white gold and features a M-heart motif, paying tribute to the eternal symbol of love. Wear it alone for low-key glamour or layer it with other bracelets for extra effect. Whether you mix between styles and types of gold or match them in the same tone is up to you – just have fun experimenting!

  1. An elegant pendant necklace

An elegant pendant necklace

A pendant necklace exudes elegance, and is the perfect finishing touch to a shirt, blouse or dress. The simplicity of the chain means that the eye is drawn to the pendant itself, making a style statement about you. This Silhouette 18K rose gold and diamond pendant is a fabulous example of timeless elegance that will pair easily with your outfit while ensuring that it gets you noticed.

  1. Pearl earrings

Pearl earrings

Just like diamond earrings, pearl earrings should be an essential jewelry item in your repertoire. Indeed, you can’t beat the classic appeal of pearls to set off an outfit, no matter the occasion – whether you’re attending a graduation ceremony, dinner with friends or a wedding reception. These Mouawad Classic Pearl earrings are crafted from 18k white gold and combine the beauty of 23.16 carat of pearl with the irresistible sparkle of 2.09 carat of diamonds.

  1. A long chain necklace

 A long chain necklace

A long chain necklace is a supremely stylish choice but also fun and versatile because of the multiple possibilities for how you wear it. It’s an easy choice to glam up a simple day outfit, creating a relaxed yet chic look whether over a casual dress or linen shirt and jeans. Once you have this essential in your wardrobe, you can also play with layering it with other chains of different lengths, creating a striking look for day or night. We love this Flower of Eternity 18K rose gold and diamond necklace for its striking beauty.

  1. A bold ring

 A bold ring

For those moments when you want to be the center of attention, a bold ring is your go-to statement piece that puts you in the spotlight and catches the eye of everyone within your orbit. Opt for graphic lines and the addition of diamonds for the ultimate in eye-catching luxury.

  1. A diamond ring

A diamond ring

They say diamonds are forever and it’s certainly true that a diamond ring will never lose its sparkle or wearability. Invest in a quality diamond ring to be sure that you’re buying a piece that will carry you through the decades with charm, such as this Silhouette 18k white gold and diamond ring whose pure lines and exceptional sparkle make it a compelling choice.

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