The story behind the name

How Robergé symbolizes its founder, a city, and more than a century of watchmaking heritage


As a fine jeweler and collector of some of the world’s most famous and fabulous diamonds, Robert Mouawad had established his Mouawad family business firmly on the world stage by the early 1970s. In 1972, he added another accolade to his name, that of watchmaker, with the launch of his own watch brand, Robergé. The name was inspired by his own, but amalgamated with Geneva, the location he selected as his base at that time, and not uncoincidentally, the city that symbolizes fine jewelry and watchmaking par excellence.

This was not Robert Mouawad’s first encounter with watchmaking. In fact, the Mouawad Company had risen to prominence more than a hundred years earlier after Robert’s grandfather, Daoud, earned renowned for his clock making skills. Through Robergé, Robert Mouawad saw a way to combine his passion for gemstones with the finest traditions of watchmaking, resulting in outstanding creations. With each luxury timepiece produced at Mouawad’s factory in La Chaux de Fonds, known as the heart of the Swiss watchmaking industry, collectors and connoisseurs soon became enamoured of Robergé’s unique combination of innovative gem-setting techniques and traditional engraving and case-making skills.
From its first model, the now legendary Andromède I, and ever onwards, Robergé has forged a unique path in the watchmaking industry, embodying bold designs, exceptional technical prowess, exquisite gems, traditional skills and fine craftsmanship, creating a heritage of its own whose brilliance continues to shine.