The secret language of flowers

Behind the design of the Flower of Eternity collection

Some things are better expressed in ways other than words. In today’s world that can mean turning to emojis, but in the Victorian times their favorite secret language was flowers. If a gift of a small bouquet was delivered, it would have been noted which species made up its composition: white roses suggested virtue while red roses symbolized a deeper, romantic love. If there were forget-me-nots, the message was equally clear, and for whatever flower existed there was a meaning. Indeed, dozens of flower dictionaries were published in the 19th century to help everyone decode the mystery enshrined in flowers.

It was this charming tradition that inspired the now iconic #FlowerofEternity collection, a stylish line of jewellery that exudes contemporary glamour. Crafted from 18k yellow, rose and #whitegold, and set with #diamonds and #colouredgemstones, the Flower of Eternity collection ranges from simple pendants to ornate four-piece sets.


Studied carefully, the flower emblem that unites the collection reveals its composition of heart shapes. The heart, chosen as a universally recognized emblem of love and passion, appears three times, a symbolic number representing the past, the present, and the future. The #Mouawad name pays tribute to these three dimensions of time in all it creates, combining a respect for its heritage with a visionary approach to the now and to what still lies ahead. With the Flower of Eternity collection it immortalizes these values while beautifully capturing the essence of timeless passion. Thus, the hidden message of a promise of eternity makes every piece in this collection the perfect gift for a loved one or for oneself.

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