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The Mouawad #Hilal collection is a dazzling ode to Islamic icons
Today, we might think of #jewelry as a form of adornment, but its earliest use – since prehistoric times – had a much deeper significance: protection. Often this type of jewelry, known as amulets, featured symbolic depictions, some of which retain their allure to this day. The icons of the #hamsa and #evileye, in particular, are a familiar sight across the Middle East and far beyond, whose popularity has never waned.
The actual origins of the #hamsa symbol are obscure, but this #five-fingered hand is thought to symbolize the five pillars of #Islam and is sometimes referred to as the hand of #Fatima, named after the daughter of the #ProphetMuhamad. The hamsa is generally seen as a symbol of protection, to bring love, happiness, health and power to its wearer. Likewise, the evil eye symbol is thought to protect its wearer from jealousy, envy and negative emotions in others.
The Mouawad Hilal collection brings a dazzling dimension to these two icons, crafting them from 18k white gold and setting them with precious gemstones. The Hilal Hamsa comes in four different colour versions: black with unique black diamonds, white with sparkling white diamonds, blue with blue sapphires, and red with rubies, while the Hilal Evil Eye charm is fashioned from diamonds with a blue sapphire iris.
A third motif, the #Allah script, reinforces the collection’s status as a celebration of faith, goodness and pro

tection, and is equally dazzling in its choice of precious stones set in gold. Two different designs have been realized for the Allah script; one design features a pear shaped pendant with a black onyx or mother-of-pearl surface engraved with a diamond Allah script, and a second design featuring the Allah script with the crescent moon and star motif, available in white diamonds, blue sapphires or rubies.
All three icons are available as pendants that come with an 18k white gold chain, making a perfect #gift for a loved one or as personal statement piece.
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