The rose that still rocks

The Mouawad Rosette collection revives a classic with A-list appeal

In the 14th century, when diamonds first rose to popularity as fashionable adornments for Europe’s elite, their appearance was a far cry from the diamonds we are familiar with today. In those early days the rough gems went through minimal alterations before being polished and set. However, soon the rosette cut first appeared and it was a breathtaking improvement, giving the diamond a fully fashioned appearance. Also known as the rose cut, with its flat base and faceted dome top, this cut gave diamonds a more sparkling and scintillating allure, especially when seen by candlelight as was the norm in society soirees in those days. As the centuries progressed, the rosette cut continued in popularity, becoming ever more complex in the number of facets it displayed.

The reign of the rose cut from the 14th to 18th centuries as the preeminent choice for opulent jewelry inspired the Mouawad Rosette collection, but with a genius twist. While the reference point is antique, the approach is re-envisioned for a contemporary audience, making the Mouawad Rosette collection a hit among A-list celebrities and jewelry aficianados alike.
Crafted in pave sets, Rosette uses a vintage cut to elaborate on a thoroughly modern design, ranging from signature interchangeable heart lockets, to earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings and bracelets. Hand-crafted in 18k white gold with a variety of white & black diamonds, rubies and sapphires, Rosette’s look is as eclectic as it is infinitely classic. The result is a collection that empowers the rose to continue its reign and rock on for centuries to come.