Jewelry to fall in love with, time and again


Love M jewelry collection


The Love M collection brims with eternal charm

Exhilarating, enchanting, wondrous and unforgettable… the sensations of falling in love are infinite. This magical and mystical charm is celebrated in the Love M collection, a series of pendants, charm bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings crafted from 18k white and rose gold and set with brilliant white diamonds.
Love is also playful, and one of the beautiful aspects of this collection is the way the M motif resembles a heart, with its curved lines echoing the warm embrace of a lover. The M motif appears singularly or as a quadruple, and in the latter resembles a flower, once again playfully echoing the fragrant language of love.



A heart, a flower, gold and diamonds… everything about Love M is brimming with eternal charm, making it a collection to inspire joy, sweetness and love in every waking moment. Perfect for everything from a sophisticated soiree to a day at the beach, Love M is pure glamour to fall in love with, time and again.