Luster Lust South Sea and Tahitian Classic Pearls

Discover the irresistibility of South Sea and Tahitian pearls in the Classic Pearl collection 

Across thousands of years, the desirability of pearls has never lost its luster; now, as then, the finest specimens can elicit awe for their rare beauty. South Sea and Tahitian #pearls are particularly sought after, and for good reason. South Sea #pearls, with their white, golden and light hues, are highly prized for their thick nacre and the ability to grow larger than other pearls. This gives them an extraordinary, unforgettable presence.
Tahitian pearls, meanwhile, although they can appear in a range of dark hues, are particularly revered as the only naturally grown black pearls in the world. And, just like South Sea #pearls, Tahitian pearls can grow to be large, with their size and color giving them an irresistible beauty.

#Pearls and #diamonds, two of nature’s rarest wonders, come together in the Classic Pearl collection, in a variety of colours and arrangements. Lovers of fine pearl and diamond jewellery will find rings, earrings and necklaces all featuring South Sea or Tahitian pearls and white and black diamonds in uniquely appealing settings, such as diamond-encrusted collets and swirled #diamond mounts. Only the finest pearls and #diamonds are sourced to create these enchanting works of beauty that blend timeless elegance within a contemporary design all hand-crafted in 18K white gold.
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